knowledge of engineering, which can be a government job

knowledge of engineering, which can be a government job

Do you know this stream of engineering, which can get you a government job

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know about petroleum engineering

Engineering remains the first choice of the youth because after engineering many career options open up in government and private companies. Apart from the very famous streams of engineering, there are some other streams that have a good future, one such stream is petroleum engineering. 

Petroleum engineering is the branch of engineering course that deals with the study of the production of hydrocarbons such as crude oil or natural gas. Petroleum engineers do work related to the production and exploration of oil and gas. 

The petroleum industry especially deals with different sectors like oil exploration, transport, and machinery, drilling, production, reserve management. A career in this field is quite lucrative and challenging. At present, more than 16 lakh people in India are directly or indirectly associated with this sector. Apart from the petroleum industry of India, a large number of petroleum engineers are also working abroad.

A petroleum engineer must have knowledge of physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, geology, and economics. know about petroleum engineering

Qualified engineers are needed

Petroleum is the main source of energy that is used extensively in the 21st century. The demand for petroleum products is continuously increasing all over the world. The question of how to meet the growing demand for petroleum products remains a matter of concern for the whole world today. Therefore,

efforts are being made to find more and more petroleum products, so that the production of petroleum can be increased. There is a need for skilled people to search for petroleum products, and have knowledge related to this field, hence there is a need for petroleum engineers. know about petroleum engineering

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Educational Qualifications

Like other engineering branches, for admission in petroleum engineering, you must have Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology subjects in 12th. The entrance test is conducted for admission to BE/B.Tech course in Petroleum Engineering. To do petroleum engineering, it is necessary to pass an exam like JEE or the entrance exam of the concerned institute. 

This course is of four years duration. Diploma courses can also be done in this. In some institutes, admission is also done on the basis of 12th marks. To do M.Tech in Petroleum Engineering, one must have B.Tech/BE in Chemical or Petroleum Engineering, apart from this, an MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering can also be obtained.

lucrative income stream

Petroleum engineering is usually done by very few students, so the number of petroleum engineers required to meet the requirement of this limited sector is also not available, so petroleum companies are always ready to give them attractive jobs with good salaries. Lives The average salary of a petroleum engineer is around Rs 8,00,000 per annum. Career experience has a strong impact on income, and income tends to increase as experience increases. know about petroleum engineering

store of opportunities

There are very good prospects in petroleum engineering both in India and abroad. After completing the course, the positions of Technical Support Engineer, Geo Science Pressure Expert, Senior Petro Physicist, and Process Engineer are placed in reputed companies and organizations like Oil India Limited, Essar Oil Limited, Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, 

Gas Authority of India Limited. Jobs can be searched in India, Oil and National Gas Commission, Reliance Petroleum Industries, Bharat Petroleum, etc. 

Apart from this, there are many employment opportunities in Oil Exploration organizations, Petroleum, and Oil Companies, Refineries, Private Oil Industries, Gas Companies, Universities, and Petroleum Research Institutions. Apart from a professional career, there are opportunities in the field of research after doing petroleum engineering.

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