Aeronautical engineering is an emerging field

 aeronautical engineering is an emerging field

Glimpses of the future are always visible in an area that stands out from the rest.

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Civil aviation, space research, and defense technology are some of the areas which are very important from an engineering point of view. These also include aeronautical engineering. On the other hand, it would not be wrong to say that aeronautical engineering is the most emerging field of engineering. This area includes operations, and design, It is also involved in the research, manufacture, development, and production of parts for commercial and military aircraft, as well as the development of spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. The way this field is developing, career prospects have increased a lot.

what is aeronautical engineering ? 

In today's changing times, aeronautical engineering has worked to bring the world closer. This is one area where there is always a lot of scope for something new and exciting to come up with. Under Aeronautical Engineering, 'Navigational Guidance and Control System', 'Production Method' as well as Air Force Aircraft, Passenger Aircraft, Helicopter, and rocket-related tasks are included. Aeronautical Engineers perform tasks like design development, and maintenance as well as management and teaching in institutions. The role of an aeronautical engineer is prominent in the technical department of the aviation industry

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the job of an aeronautical engineer

In civil aviation, maintenance and management of instruments, electrical and electronic equipment of passenger aircraft, operation of aircraft-related radio and radar, a thorough examination of every part of the aircraft before flying, private companies making new research aircraft in the field of aviation. For this the role of the technical expert is important.


To make a future in this field, the candidate must have a bachelor's degree in BE or B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering or at least three years Diploma in 'Aeronautics'. Apart from IITs, some engineering colleges offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in this field. A diploma course in Aeronautical Engineering is also available in some polytechnic colleges. For BE and B.Tech programs, a 12th pass is required with Physics and Mathematics subjects. 

basis of admission

Admission to BE/B. Tech is done on the basis of merit. The merit list for admission to IITs is prepared on the basis of marks obtained in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced. Apart from this, admission to other engineering colleges at the state level and national level is done on the basis of JEE Main exam.

education abroad

Many foreign universities also offer graduate-level courses in aeronautical engineering. Apart from this, aerospace engineering courses are also offered here. Students seeking admission to graduate-level courses have to pass certain examinations.

employment opportunities

Aeronautical engineers get jobs in government and private airline companies, aircraft manufacturing companies, and companies providing maintenance services. They can also find employment in Defense Research and Development Institutes, National Aeronautical Laboratories, Aeronautical Development Institutes, the Department of Civil Aviation, Defense Services, and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Engineers in this discipline can work in the design, development, and maintenance areas of aircraft. At the same time, professionals associated with it can also work in managerial and teaching positions in various institutions.

premier institute

Bangalore Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Information Technology, Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dehradun, Hindustan Electronics Academy, Bangalore, Hindustan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chennai, Indian Aeronautical Institute, Patna, Institute of Aviation Technology, Haryana.

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